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OnDemand, LLC                                            Moving Anything, Anytime     (888) 973-3552                                                             

Medical/ Pharmaceutical

We can transport Stat and routine specimens to a lab. We also transport pharmaceutical's and Medical Equipment between Hospitals or direct to patients. 


We can have documents recorded or file time sensitive documents with the clerk. 


We can transport tools and supplies to the job site when you need them. This cuts down on costly delays. 

                   Serving All of Connecticut                             Over 20 years of logistics experience

          Do you have an important document or a package that needs to be delivered immediately? OnDemand Logistics will get it there for you - Now! Our no non-sense service takes the stress out of last-minute deadlines.

     OnDemand will pick up items directly from your location and transport them securely to their final destination.  We offer services 24 hours per day 7 days a week with prices that are up front and are very competitive.


Our superior reliability while being cost conscious is what sets our service apart.  We stay on schedule, maintain the highest quality and confidentiality and offer you comprehensive advice to reduce your shipping costs.

                   Service, Reliability, Value